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Farrier in Magnolia, Texas (Montgomery County)

Brooke Cooley
Magnolia, TX
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My name is Brooke Cooley. I graduated from Oklahoma Horseshoeing School on Oct. 21st, 2017 for completing the 8 week Professional Horseshoeing course. I have worked on all sorts of horses, many breeds, big and small, hot and calm, young and old.
I can offer same or next day service in most cases. I can also do basic behavior training.
My prices a... See More

Highlights: Corrective & Lameness Shoeing, Punctual And Honest, Mules, Basic Training, General Farrier Work, Laminitis Treatment, Founder Treatment, Draft Horses, Natural Barefoot Trimming, Ponies, Trimming, Very Dependable, Gentle With The Old Patient With The Young., Behavior Training, Basic Shoeing, Regular Shoes And Trims, Clips, Donkeys, Cold Shoeing, Gaited Horses
Dan McNair
Magnolia, TX
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24 years experience trimming and shoeing many different breeds for trail riding, roping, showing, racing, pleasure, and etc. I do corrective work and work with vets including the new Formahoof technology. Truly dramatic results! I am gentle with all horses and skilled at working with young horses. I have a flexible schedule and will return calls.... See More

Highlights: Reining & Ranch Horses, Natural Barefoot Trimming, Western Pleasure, Ponies/ Miniatures, If Your Horse Has A Hoof Crack, Regular Shoes And Trims, Trimming, Very Dependable, Cold Shoeing, Barrel Horses, Hunter Jumpers, Therapeutic Shoeing, General Farrier Work, All Breeds & Disciplines, Founder Treatment, Corrective & Lameness Shoeing, Donkeys, Laminitis Treatment, Trimming Instruction, Performance Horse Barefoot Trimming
Farrier Solution
Magnolia, TX
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I provide Full Service horseshoeing, hot shoeing, Corrective/ Therapeutic shoeing and Natural hoof trimming. I am prompt, professional and provide quick service.

Highlights: Gentle With The Old Patient With The Young., Jumpers, If Your Horse Has A Hoof Crack, Outstanding Quality, Hoof Resection, Drafts, Boot Fitting, Hunters, Quarter Cracks, Western Pleasure, Natural Balance Shoeing And Trimming, Barrel Horses, Hunter Jumpers, Ponies/ Miniatures, Punctual And Honest, Trim To Natural Conformation Of The Horse., Mules, Therapeutic Shoeing, I Show Up On Time Or I Will Make A Call, Gentle
Justin Crudup
Magnolia, TX

Holt's Farrier Service offers high quality and dependable service. Graduate of Texas Horseshoeing school with an advanced farrier science degree. I carry a schedule book and maintain a tight schedule if you would like to schedule an appointment feel ... See More

J.S. Farrier Service
Magnolia, TX

Full time horseshoer. In business since 1999.

Highlights: All Breeds & Disciplines
Austin Russell,CJF,DipWcf,281-216-0650
8 miles from Magnolia, TX

I am a Full time professional certified journeyman farrier. Servicing Houston Texas and surrounding Areas. To contact me direct please call/text, find us on facebook or email.

my Qualifi... See More

Arrowhead Horseshoeing Farrier Services
9 miles from Magnolia, TX

Certified Farrier
Graduate of Texas Horseshoeing School 2002
Specializing in:

*** bio mechanics and the flights patterns of equine limb
*** corrective and therapeutic horseshoeing
*** laminitis, founder, and navicular disease
*** hot/cold ... See More

Highlights: Mules, Trimming Instruction, Boot Fitting, Therapeutic Shoeing, Glue On Shoes, Very Dependable, Cold Shoeing, Eventers, Hot Shoeing, Foals & Young Horses Expertise, Western Pleasure, Performance Horse Shoeing, Hunters, Barrel Horses, Natural Barefoot Trimming, Trimming, Founder Treatment, Reining & Ranch Horses, Hoof Resection, Corrective & Lameness Shoeing
Kyle Horrall
12 miles from Magnolia, TX

Kyle Horrall equine service, established in 2008. I am a third generation farrier with over 50 years combined experience.
I show up the day of appointment and on time!

Specializing in lameness. Currently working on world champions in reining, ... See More

Highlights: Corrective & Lameness Shoeing, Basic Shoeing, Regular Shoes And Trims, Reining & Ranch Horses, Punctual And Honest, Foals & Young Horses Expertise, Trimming Instruction, All Breeds & Disciplines, Outstanding Quality, Barrel Horses, Rope Horses, Trimming, Hoof Resection, All Soundness Needs, Navicular Expertise, Gentle, Gentle With The Old Patient With The Young., Performance Horse Shoeing, Clips, Founder Treatment
Chris Tilley CF
13 miles from Magnolia, TX

( I will only respond to inquiries that are directed to me specifically. )Full time experienced and professional farrier with over 20 years of experience. I more or less have an "all of the above" approach to hoofcare. I'm not into "gimmicks" but I w... See More

Highlights: Western Pleasure, Hunters, Horseshoes, I Show Up On Time Or I Will Make A Call, Performance Horse Shoeing, Jumpers, Handmade Shoes, Hoof Resection, Casting, Custom Blacksmithing, Regular Shoes And Trims, Four-point Trimming & Enhanced Breakover Shoeing, Great With Horses. Gentle And Honest, Gentle, Trimming, Navicular Expertise, All Breeds & Disciplines, Trims, Natural Barefoot Trimming, Laminitis
Ryan Mcenroe
14 miles from Magnolia, TX

17 yrs experience
2nd generation farrier
Correctiive shoing
Sport horses

Highlights: Basic Shoeing, Hoof Resection, Founder Treatment, Punctual And Honest, Very Dependable, Trimming, Hunters, Navicular Expertise, General Farrier Work, Eventers, Corrective & Lameness Shoeing, Laminitis Treatment, Draft Horses, All Breeds & Disciplines, Dressage Horses, Gentle With The Old Patient With The Young., Clips, Regular Shoes And Trims, Performance Horse Shoeing, Outstanding Quality
Jason Stasiuk
19 miles from Magnolia, TX

Full time Master farrier with 20 + years of experience has openings in the schedule book! Very flexible schedule to accommodate any clients availability weather you're a school teacher that can only do evenings or a business owner that can only do we... See More

Highlights: Performance Horse Shoeing, Barrel Horses, Mules, Trimming Instruction, All Breeds & Disciplines, Navicular Expertise, General Farrier Work, Performance Horse Barefoot Trimming, Punctual And Honest, Laminitis Treatment, Cold Shoeing, Foals & Young Horses Expertise, Eventers, Draft Horses, Trimming, Boot Fitting, Regular Shoes And Trims, Reining & Ranch Horses, Corrective & Lameness Shoeing, Western Pleasure
Allison Gray
20 miles from Magnolia, TX

A certified bare foot trimmer for 13+ years, I believe in helping horses and owners get the best possible experience every trim. Experienced working with many different breeds, training types, and levels of knowledge, over my years in the business. I... See More

Highlights: All Breeds & Disciplines, Hoof Trimming, Dressage Horses, Available For Speaking Events, Trimming Instruction, Natural Trim, Founder Treatment, Performance Horse Barefoot Trimming, Certified Barefoot Trimmer, Patient, Providing Soundness In Horses, Donkeys, Boot Fitting, Mules, Foals & Young Horses Expertise, Punctual And Honest, Endurance, Punctual, Natural Horsemanship, Very Dependable
Dustin Klocek
25 miles from Magnolia, TX

Sugar Land Hoof Trimming
27 miles from Magnolia, TX

We offer Natural/barefoot Hoof Care for all our equine counterparts. Each horse is given specialized care with only their well being in mind.
Trim of up-kept hooves, for horses who stand well ~ $40
Trim of under cared for hooves, or horses who are... See More

Highlights: Hunters, Mules, Gentle, Performance Horse Barefoot Trimming, Very Dependable, Dressage Horses, Punctual And Honest, Miniature Donkeys, Founder Treatment, Draft Horses, Difficult Horses, Foals & Young Horses Expertise, Outstanding Quality, All Breeds & Disciplines, Trimming, Gaited Horses, Natural Barefoot Trimming, Eventers, Laminitis Treatment, General Farrier Work
tobias neumann
27 miles from Magnolia, TX

Natural Barefoot Trim Specialist application of hot shoes/ glue-ons /Renegades, founder and Hoof crack repair, Midwest Horseshoeing School Call or Text

Highlights: Clips, Barrel Horses, Outstanding Quality, Performance Horse Shoeing, Draft Horses, If Your Horse Has A Hoof Crack, Very Dependable, Performance Horse Barefoot Trimming, Natural Barefoot Trimming, Punctual And Honest, Natural Trim, Gentle, Trimming, Basic Shoeing, Farrier, Eventers, Dressage Horses, Jumpers, Glue On Shoes, Handmade Shoes
APH llc
38 miles from Magnolia, TX

Our goal is to provide farrier service that is dependable, ethical, and professional; with the horse's best interests in mind.

Highlights: Hot Shoeing, Corrective & Lameness Shoeing
Victor Beltran
38 miles from Magnolia, TX

Eli's Farrier Service
39 miles from Magnolia, TX

Texas A&M Veterinary student who previously apprenticed under the Texas A&M Vet Hospital Farrier - I carry glue-on composite shoes and steel shoes. Attended farrier school in Washington where I was trained in ELPO/Natural Balance trimming and shoeing... See More

Highlights: Gentle With The Old Patient With The Young., Foals & Young Horses Expertise, Regular Shoes And Trims, Founder Treatment, Therapeutic Shoeing, All Soundness Needs, Basic Shoeing, Corrective & Lameness Shoeing, Trimming, Navicular Expertise, Clips, General Farrier Work, Reining & Ranch Horses, Laminitis Treatment, Punctual And Honest, Handmade Shoes, All Breeds & Disciplines, Glue On Shoes, Gentle, Composite Shoes is © Copyright Sudden Ventures, Inc. ( 0.110 secs on 03/31/20)

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